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The PPG PRK FD was the second and last master keyboard from PPG.

It still offered 72 keys (6 octaves), a nice velocity sensitive keyboard and resembled the original PPG PRK in many ways.
But the idea from the PPG PRK to include optional ROM sound cards was no longer available because of the included floppy drive.

It also included MIDI - and had one MIDI in and four MIDI outs. So you could control not only PPG Components with the PPG PRK FD - but also other MIDI devices.

The PPG PRK FD is not a light instrument - believe me. When I had to carry it from my car into the studio I nearly broke my back.

The PPG PRK FD has a 5.25 inch floppy drive (hence the name FD = Flopp Drive) and could - unlike the PPG PRK - be used to load samples, sequences, programs and wavetables to other PPG components.

So a musician could sit back home in the studio creating music using the PPG Waveterm / PPG Wave 2.2, PPG Wave 2.3 and/or PPG EVU system - and could leave the PPG Waveterm back home when going on the road.

The PPG PRK FD uses the much faster Motorola 68000 processor as opposed to the Motorola 6809 used in the PPG PRK.


A picture of my PPG PRK FD.

Another picture of my PPG PRK FD.

The first page of the official PPG PRK FD brochure.
Get the full brochure in the Documentation section.

A picture of John Trevethan's PPG PRK FD when it was up for sale.

Another picture of John Trevethan's PPG PRK FD when it was up for sale - this time showing the back of the unit.

And John Trevethan's PPG PRK FD showing the front of the unit.

And a nice picture of John Trevethan's PPG PRK FD taken from the left of the unit.

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