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The PPG 38 is probably not going to make any sounds - ever.
But I still think it deserves a mention on this web site as it is really a piece of art - and I also think it shows my love for the PPG instruments - and my wifes love for me.

You see; I probably have one of the most understanding wifes around.
She actually claims to accept - though she does not necessarily fully understand - my usually very expensive interest in old digital gear.

So my fantastic wife Astrid made me this cake for my 38th birthday on March 7th 2010.

So here it is - the PPG 38 - two knobs and nine digits.


Here is it - turned off.

And here it is - turned on for the first time.

Here is a slice with an encoder.
I instantly imagined it being the WAVES-OSC encoder.

A picture from above the unit.

The PPG 38 and me. I could NOT cut the cake myself - I just didn't have the guts to do it and had to ask someone else.

Here it is in front of my oldest daughter; Thilde My. Understandably she was not especially interested in the design but looked forward to taking a bite. But this cake is NOT for her - it's for me ... ME ... and me alone !!!!!

A look inside the PPG 38. I am the kind of guy that always has to take things apart and the PPG 38 is no exception.

Here it is again - from the right side.

A little picture from the back of the PPG 38 unit. Also you can see my cup of coffee.

And a little picture from the left/back of the unit while it was still turned on.

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