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The PPG EVU was intended to be a rack mount PPG Wave 2.2 with some added functionalities.
It ended up being similar to the PPG Wave 2.3 in every way if you don't mind not having any knobs to turn - or not having a LC display to look at.
Apart from that is it a PPG Wave 2.3 in a rack.

It is considered to be much more stable than the PPG Wave 2.3. Probably so because of its lack of knobs if you ask me.
As you may or may not know the PPG Wave 2.3 is known for its way to alter the program you load into memory by adding the current knob position to that program - making the program sound different than intended; not so with the PPG EVU.

In the PPG System you could have one PPG Wave 2.3 and three PPG EVU's connected at once to a Waveterm making it a 32 voice sampler/synth/sequencer - all that anyone could ask for in the early/mid 1980's.

The PPG EVU has eight separate outputs on the front of the unit as well as a phones output and the common left/right outputs. A very cool feature of the PPG EVU that is not featured on any other PPG unit is the pan knob for the separate voices.
With these you can make some pretty cool panorama effects by setting the voices differently using the L/R outputs.


Here is the frontpage of the original PPG marketing material for the PPG EVU.
You can find the full 2 page PPG EVU marketing material in PDF format on the document page.

A picture of the back of my PPG EVU. The top is off so you can look straight in.

A close up of the back of the PPG EVU.
Left section.

A close up of the back of the PPG EVU.
Mid section.

A close up of the back of the PPG EVU.
Right section.

The PPG EVU logo on the top right of the unit.

This is the IO board of the PPG EVU.
It is basically identical to the PPG Wave 2.3 IO board and will work in a PPG Wave 2.3. All you need to do is replace the four EPROMs labelled E, C, A and 8 with PPG Wave 2.3 EPROMs.

Also you will need to put in the IC taking signals from the knobs into the empty socket on the PPG EVU IO board.

The Processor board on the PPG EVU. Again it is 100% compatible with the Processor board in the PPG Wave 2.3

You can see all the RAM chips to the far left on the board. These are used to hold the samples received from the Waveterm or PRK-fd).

There you go. One of the two voice boards (OP4) in the PPG EVU. Once again it is 100% interchangable with the voice boards in the PPG Wave 2.3. You can clearly see the four SSM filter chips.

This is a picture of the PPG EVU mainboard with all the cards in.

My PPG EVU on top of the PPG Waveterm B.

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