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Date: What happened ?
April 8th 2013 Added a PPG Wave 2 manual. Not the official thing but slightly better than nothing.
December 14th 2012 Added The Analog Lab in NYC as PPG Repair Center.
April 23th 2012 A PPG Users Database has been added. Also two new products; the PPG HDU and PPG System was added to this site. More to come soon I hope :-)
December 28th 2011 Man - Has it been a year already ? I got my PPG hands on an old PPG demo tape lately and although it is already floating around on some of the other PPG sites I chose to 'grab' it and remove most of the noise/hiss and add a little sparkle as well. You can find both sides of the tape in the Media section.
October 19th 2010 Uploaded the PPG PRK FD Operating Manual to the Documentation page.
September 28th 2010 Uploaded six nice pictures I received from Wolfgang Palm himself.
September 27th 2010 Did some text changes that were suggested to me by no other than Wolfgang Palm.
August 16th 2010 Added the PPG Waveterm B Users Guide to the Documentation section - enjoy :-)
June 30th 2010 Added the PPG PRK Operating Manual to the Documentation page.

Also added an actual picture of the front page of all the PDF documents that I have in the Documentation section.

May 22nd 2010 Second PPG 360 Wavecomputer video has been uploaded to this site.
Look in the Media Section.
May 18th 2010 Uploaded the PPG EVU Users Guide to the Documentation section.
May 17th 2010 The first PPG 360 Wavecomputer video has been uploaded on this site. Watch it in the Media section.

Six new images of the PPG 360 Wavecomputer has also been added.

Yet another PPG 360 Wavecomputer video has been added - so far 'only' on YouTube.
Watch it here:

May 16th 2010 The first PPG 360 Wavecomputer video is up on my YouTube Channel:
It will of course be uploaded in improved quality to this very website one of these next coming days.
May 10th 2010 Fixed the wrong link from the '5' MP3 of the PPG 360 Wavecomputer. You can now listen to the correct file in the Media Section.
May 9th 2010 Created and uploaded another PPG 360 Wavecomputer mp3. This time with a bit of added reverb from IK Multimedias CSR Hall. Take a listen to '5' in the Media Section.

Welcome to !!

As you might have guessed by now this entire website is dedicated to the fantastic wavetable synthesizers made by mr. Wolfgang Palm through his company PPG (Palm Products GmbH) located in Hamburg, Germany from the late seventies until the late eighties.

I made this site for a few different reasons.
First of all I wanted to see if I could create a site with all the important information in one place.
I got a little scared some time ago - when one of the other PPG sites - with a lot of information closed it's doors. What to do - what to do ?

Also I have wanted to see a PPG forum on the internet for some time now.
I mean; a place for all interested PPG fans to share information - good and bad.
I didn't find it anywhere on the internet - what to do - what to do ?

Well ... Why not make it myself ?

This site is not finished - and I wonder if it ever will be finished.
You see - I have been interested in PPG equipment for many years now and I keep finding new information, pictures and stories - and as long as someone or something has a story to tell this site is not finished.

You will also see that there is a forum in here.
I will encourage you to sign up and play an active role in the preservation and sharing of information on these fantastic synthesizers and computers.

I have decided to launch this site a little prematurely as I wanted to get it up and running as soon as possible.

This means that you're going to see a lot of updates over the next days, weeks and months; manuals, pictures, audio and videos - and should you have some information to share let me know.
Go to the Contact page to get in touch with me.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy this site;


Kenneth Abildgaard


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